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Atlantic Furniture, Inc. | Footboard Options

Footboard Options

Each of Atlantic's platform beds offer the ability to have three different footboard styles to suite your styling or lifestyle needs. Many also feature a matching footboard which takes styling queues from the headboard and a list of models is given below.

Flat panel footboard Raised panel footboard

Each footboard style utilizes our innovative bed hook & pin system and is constructed of solid eco-friendly hardwood. Every footboard offers the choice of two set up heights built in; set up high for storage drawers or a trundle bed, set low for the traditional platform bed look.

Beds with matching footboards:

Bordeaux Matching Footboard

Open Footrail Options

Our open footrail ships with two height set up options. Using two sets of legs, one can set up the open footrail in the high position for storage drawers or a trundle bed. Set it down low with the included short legs to use with a mattress and foundation for the traditional platform bed look.

Open footrail set high Open footrail set low

Headboard Only

Every Atlantic bed features the ability to bolt to a metal bed frame. Industry standard hardware is built into every headboard and allows for quick and easy attachment to a conventional metal bed frame.

Sample headboard only setup Five Step Finishing Proccess Hook & Pin Rail System Eco-Friendly Hardwood